Bobin Motti Thomas

Senior Network Engineer

Passionate, diligent and focused Senior Network Engineer with 11 Years of Working Experience in Network Engineering and Operations projects. Diligent and Detail-Oriented individual with knowledge of market and latest technologies.

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Professional Skills

Layer 2 Technologies: VLAN, STP, MSTP, RSTP, VTP, SPAN, RSPAN
Layer 3 Technologies: RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MP-BGP


Network Security: ACL. ZBF, Source Guard, AAA, 802.1x, NAT, IPSec, SSL
QoS: MQC, CBWFQ, LFI, Classification, Marking, Shaping & Policing
Tools: Wireshark, IXIA, Agilent, HP QC, Weathermap, Netgrapher, Riverbed ARX, AppviewX, Arbor, SMARTS, Nagios, Sevone, Splunk



Routers & Switches
Nexus 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 9000 ASR 1000, ASR 9000, ACI
Cisco ISR Routers - 2600, 3600, 3700, 7200

Catalyst Switches 2900, 3550, 3560, 4500, 6500

C10000, C12000, CSR

MX Series : MX960, MX 480, MX 240

EX Series : EX2200, EX4300

M Series : M120, M10i

7300 Series : 7300X, 7320X

7150 Series : 7150S-24, 7150S-52

7010 , 7020
IP Series : IP1280, IP1287, IP2450, IP390, IP690 4800, 12400, 12600 , 15600 21400, 21700, 23800

SRX110, SRX 220, SRX 550 SRX 1400 SRX 5600 SRX 5800

ASA 5520 ASA 5540, ASA 5550 ASA 5580
 SG300 SG600 SG 900 SG9000 WG-4500-D WG-5000-D
  BIG-IP 4200, 5200, 8950s, 10200   ACE-4710

Work Experience

JP Morgan Chase & Co, Singapore

Oct 2016 - Till Date

Designation : Senior Associate
• Working as Tier-3 Network Operation Engineer in Global Network Services Team.
• Working with different customer issues, involve in troubleshooting calls.
• Handling high severity issues, troubleshooting and finding out fix in timely manner.
• Involve in Incident Management calls representing Networks and troubleshooting issue reported.
• Involve in RMA and building up new installed checkpoint firewalls from the scratch.
• Reviewing, Analyzing and approving change requests from networks.
• Experience on Change Management, Incident management process.
• Participating in reviewing runbooks for various technologies and ensure that new technology is ready to bring into operations.
• Automating various operations task using Python/Perl/Shell Scripting to reduce time and increase efficiency in executing.
• Work on proactive activities by automating various test to capture faults before reaching customer to avoid high severity incidents.

Dimension Data, Singapore

Jan 2014 - Oct 2016

Designation : System Engineer
Client : A Global Bank
• Working as a Level 3 NOC Engineer for a Global Bank's Global Network Infrastructure which is spread across the globe. The Network consists of more than 40K devices from different vendors.
• Handling all critical issues occurring in APAC and Global Network operations.
• Involving in high level troubleshooting of various Complex Network issues in Routing & Switching implementations and fix the issue in timely manner.
• Take over responsibility in troubleshooting and debugging of issues escalated from Level 1 and Level 2 teams.
• Troubleshooting and debugging of various network performance issues and suggest based on findings.
• Hands-on experience on devices of different vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Arista routers & switches, Checkpoint, F5 Loadbalancer, McAfee Webgateway, Riverbed etc.
• Help deployment team to troubleshoot various network related application issue and suggest the required change.
• Participate in Disaster recovery testing activities to gather requirements from application team and suggest the different possibilities from Networks and create detailed DR Plan and involve in implementation.

Tech Mahindra Limited, India

Dec 2011 - Oct 2013

Designation : Technical Lead
Client : Juniper Networks
• Worked for Juniper Networks for their client Bell Canada as part of upgrading all their Juniper devices to newer version of JunOS software .
• Leading and Mentoring juniors in team.
• Bringing up a customer environment setup at Juniper Lab by installing and configuring different devices like Cisco ASA, Juniper M120 , M320, SRX.
• Working in Technologies like BGP, OSPF, VLANS, IPSec, MPLS VPN, GRE, NAT/PAT, HA.
• Hands-on experience in L3VPN, L2VPN, BGP & LDP Signaled VPN, RSVP TE, L2 Circuit, VPLS etc

Client : AT&T
• Worked for major Service Provider in USA, AT&T in LTE architecture as part of validation of Datacom implementation which consists of multi-vendor devices like Cisco, Juniper etc .
• Leading and Mentoring juniors in team.
• Debugging issues and Troubleshooting devices like Cisco ASR 5500, 7600, Juniper MX960, Juniper SRX 5800 and Sun Solaris DNS servers
• Worked in Technologies like BGP, OSPF, HSRP, VRRP, VLANS, MPLS VPN, VRF-Lite, IPSec, GRE, NAT/PAT, Layer3 Firewall, Loadbalancer, IPS, HA.

HCL Technologies

May 2008 - Dec 2011

Designation : Lead Engineer
Client : Cisco Systems
• Worked on Cisco Customer(BT, AT&T etc ) issues and helped to debug, troubleshoot and solve the issues.
• Designing and building new test beds reflecting customer scenarios and configurations.
• Reporting bugs using an internal bug-tracking tool.
• Worked on different technologies like different Routing Protocols like BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, VRRP, PPPoE, PPPoA, MFR, MPPP, QoS, MPLS, VPN etc
• Manually installing the Network topology and configuring above mentioned Technologies to bring up customer Lab environment.
• Scrubbing the bugs found before any particular release.
• Working with the development team towards prioritizing and resolving defects found during testing

Clearlogix Technologies

Jan 2007 - May 2008

Designation : System Administrator
• Managing and Administration of Network Servers like DNS, HTTP, SMTP etc in large NOC
• Administrating Windows/Linux webservers and attending trouble tickets.
• Linux/Windows WEB, FTP, SMTP, DNS troubleshooting and solving the issues.
• Monitoring and Managing Webservers and Tracking Customer Issues and resolving it within timeline.
• Giving support 24x7 to monitor and track issues on the Servers.
• Scanning devices for security treats frequently and take necessary action if any vulnerability found.
• Track customer reported issue using ticket system and proactively worked for solving it within the committed SLA


David Delgado

Operations Manager
Global Monitoring Center
A Global Bank, Singapore

Bobin is a very capable engineer, and is persistent in work as he will never give up on a problem until he has resolved it. He is also conscientious and works great in a team, plus he is willing to teach others.

Pardeep Kumar

Service Delivery Manager, APAC
A System Integrator Company

Bobin has worked under me for 3 years as Senior Network Engineer. His growth in operations was tremendous as he got a keen eye to spot the issues during high severity incidents and come up with solutions in shortest possible time. Bobin also automated several mundane tasks due to his background in Linux and Bash Scripting and that save great amount of time for everyone in team. He is thorough in his thought process, expert in various domain, very humble and possess nerves of steel at the same time. In short, a great person to work with.

Sujith Neelakandan

Team Leader
Network Vendor Company

I worked with Bobin in HCL Technologies and I was his first level manager. He has wonderful attitude with passion towards learning new things. He was innovative in making day to day task faster and focus more on learning/implementing new things. I remember an instance where the team needs a common place for accessing project related/technical documents, he learnt web designing along with the day to day work and came up with a web page for the team. This helped the team to store and track various activities. All the best Bobin!


Master of Computer Applications

Oct 2006

University : Mahatma Gandhi University

College : Marian College, Kerala, India

Bachelor of Science ( Mathematics )

May 2003

University : Mahatma Gandhi University

College : Marthoma College, Kerala, India


RIPv2: Unicast update using NAT

Technical article

RIPv2 enabled router can send multicast (default) / unicast / broadcast updates to its neighbor. To configure RIP unicast, we can simply add a neighbor statement to point to the router in which RIP updates are to be sent and can use the passive-interface command to prevent RIP multicast/broadcast from being sent to that neighbor. But for some season if we are not allowed to use neighbor command we can still use NAT as a workaround to translate multicast update to unicast update. 


Explanation on BGP Atributes

A Path Attribute is a characteristics of an advertised BGP route.
Four Categories of PATH Attributes.
Well-Known Mandatory
Well-Known Discretionary
Optional Transitive
Optional Non-Transitive

BGP – Finite State Machine

Different states a Neighbor will go through

BGP – Finite State Machine IDLE State BGP Always beging with Idle state. All incoming connection in this state will be refused. BGP Process initializes all BGP resources. Start the ConnectRetry Timer Initializes a TCP connection to neighbor .....

OSPF – The Interface State Machine

Different states of an OSPF interface

The Interface State Machine An OSPF-enabled interface will transition through several states before it becomes fully functional. Those states are Down, Point-to-Point, Waiting, DR, Backup, DRother, and Loopback. Down. This is the initial interface state. The interface is not functional, all interface parameters are set to their initial values, and no protocol traffic is transmitted or received on the interface. ....


Electing a DR and BDR in OSPF

DR & BDR DR and BDR are elected in Broadcast and NBMA (Non-Broadcast Multiaccess Network) Pre-Conditions for electing DR adn BDR .....

OSPF – Points to Remember

Few important points in OSPF Technology

Below are the few main points to remember in OSPF. Open Shortest Path First – (OSPF) OSPF is a link-state protocol IGP Uses Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm. Like all link state protocols, OSPF’s major advantages over distance vector protocols are fast reconvergence, support for much larger internetworks, and less susceptibility to bad routing information. ..... .