Welcome to “4 Techies” from BobinMottiThomas.com.

Welcome to “4 Techies” from BobinMottiThomas.com.  This is a sub-domain to my personal website. I started this blog not because I am having lots of knowledge to share with everyone. But I felt , even though  little, whatever tips or tricks I came to know will be good if I can share with you also.

Also I am sure that you also will be having such lots of tips which will be good to share among us. So feel free to send you tips  to 4techies@bobinmottithomas.com So that I can post it . Apart from that, if you really wish to become a part of this blog,  feel free to use your facebook login to post your tips. If you dont have facebook login, I will help you by providing you a dedicated username/password for this blog.In that case, please send a mail to techies@bobinmottithomas.com with your details,for getting a username/password.

So let’s start and make our work easy by sharing our knowledge each other.

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